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This section is devoted to a preview of projects currently under development.

New projects and ideas are documented here and their progress is shown.

  • High voltage regulated power supply for RF amplifiers. This is an enhancement of the article by VE6AXW in July/Aug 1999 QEX. I have redrawn the schematic for clarity, added EMI filtering, included a programmable power on timer, and generated a printed circuit board layout. Works for most voltage values.   Some have requested a schematic. CLICK HERE

      HV Regulator PC board   

  • Six Meter 24 element noise reduction antenna array. Careful NEC antenna modeling predicts this will help in noisy locations. Used as the transmitting antenna also. If you aren't pointed at a noise source, why should you hear it? This antenna attenuates sky and sun noise from overhead elevations too. 

 Antenna array Horizontal Beamwidth       Noise Reduction Array