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GPSCon Pro Revision History

The most recent version is 1.040

These are software programmer revision notes only, and are not intended to be detailed from a user's perspective. Brief comments here may actually represent significant user advantages. New features or improvements mentioned in this section are best explained by viewing the program's Help section.

22/08/02 1.007 Added inc file for htm.
31/08/02 1.008 Added sat file size limiter.
01/09/02 1.009 Suffixed time string with UTC, LOC etc.
02/09/0 1.010 Added more com ports.
02/09/02 1.011 Additional work to cope with 8 channel Z3816A.
03/09/02 1.012 Signal strength window extended for Z3816A
04/09/02 1.012 More adjustment to make room for one more line in small status.
05/09/02 1.013 Attempted to solidify against corrupted status packet.
09/09/02 1.014 Fixed COM10 problems. Added debug dump mode. Added registry entry for small font. Check box for status font. Faster graphics. Started Data logger additions. Round satellite key. Removed getting time from status window, not always time stamp graphics UTC from computer clock. Added sig strength logging, and C5 plotting. Put duplicate span control in advanced dialog.
11/09/02 1.015 Moved set time code to new member function. Adjusted cursor read out. Changed span to arrow. Added mute for each plot channel. Correctly blank the plot when data is absent. Fixed plot EFC check box, now only disables efc. Added plot PU box. Added plot sat count check box. Fixed Graph report position.
19/09/02 1.016 Many incremental improvements. Made graphs plot independently and faster. Added offset, mag, scale hold etc to aux plot. Made prompt recognition configurable. Added trace labels to aux traces.
22/09/02 1.016 Added CRLF where include file included.
05/10/02 1.017 Removed constraint that graph must be square.
11/10/02 1.017 Fixed TI getting silly value from 58503A. Changed test for terminator so it can allow a zero length prompt. Allow <CR> and <LF> and <SPC> as part of template. Improved cursor readout. Improved time span display. Fixed OnMouseMove to recognize when not topmost window so not to capture mouse.
12/10/02 1.017 Implemented span arrows as methods.
13/10/02 1.017 Patched into PreTranslatemessage to send enter key to SendCmd button. Added executable name to title bar. Added window pos restoration.
22/10/02 1.017 Added FTP timeout control.
26/10/02 1.017 BUG. TI held did not constrain to lower half of graph. Export settings not preserved over sessions.
27/10/02 1.018 Set DTR and RTS high for aux port. Added full duplex ability. Flush rcv buffer whenever startread is executed.
28/10/02 1.018 Added LPF to aux inputs.
03/11/02 1.018 Added export whole graph. Added renew tray icon if refresh fails.
06/12/02 1.019 Added optional front panel LED flash. Added @@DF for debug FTP. Added @@FU for FTP upload with no file processing (for debug FTP problem).
01/01/03 1.020 Added statistical analysis to EFC and TI
02/01/03 1.020 Improved the stats. Added clipping region to TI graph. Added best fit line.
03/01/03 1.020 Moved lower edge of clipping region. Centered EFC stats and TI stats.
10/01/03 1.020 Started the Datum System 2000 version.
11/01/03 1.020 Added timed comment tags. Muted the colors of the text of graphs.
18/01/03 1.021 Delivered the Datum version. Extended the filtering level. Modified the choice of filter start value by reverse filtering from end to beginning. Made out of range graph values safe for 16 bit coord systems (ME, 98).
21/01/03 1.022 Added remote control by email. Increased and documented pseudo commands. Implemented a command queue to allow multiple email commands in one mail.
22/01/03 1.022 Enhanced pseudo commands. Changed advanced dialog to options tabbed dialog. Removed @@FU (was only a test). We now have @@UpdateNow.
23/01/03 1.022 Improved TI filter priming, and added the technique to the aux plots.
05/03/03 1.022 Suppressed out of range PU value text on graph.
07/05/03 1.023 Removed CR from aux request strings and aux error request strings.
10/05/03 1.024 Added 57k and 115k baud. Rebuilt with VS2003.
05/06/03 1.025 Added minimize button to grab bar.
15/07/03 1.026 Added facility to limit logging file sizes.

08/08/03 1.027 New automated timed export facility for long term graphs.


27/09/03 1.028 Added SNTP server.


28/09/03 1.029 Added some more data fields to the SNTP packet. Reference time etc. This allows an intelligent client to weight the precision.


29/09/03 1.030 Now allow SNTP server to time out if unable to keep up.


02/10/03 1.031 Moved SNTP server to seperate thread. The deliberate timeout mechanism has been removed. Improved the handling of set time privilege tokens.

04/10/03 1.032 Switch thread priority during time setting. Added system time correction control.
06/10/03 1.032 Stricter deadlock check on SetSystemTime. Corrected button greying logic. SetSystemTime locked out if optiond dialog opened in middle of process.
06/10/03 1.033 Shorten time string if found to be in F1 mode to reduce scatter.
10/10/03 1.034 Added call to OnStopRead from OnDestroy to stop SNTP thread preventing a machine shut-down.
13/10/03 1.034 Abandoned MFC sockets for SNTP. Now using raw socket interface. I was nervous about MFC socket clean-up across threads.
17/10/03 1.035 Added lots of controls to property pages. Deleted Auxiliary button, and changed its dialog to a property page. Added update on closing and set sys time on closing to property pages. Added @@SETSYSTIME to pseudocommands. This is first step toward true remote administration.
19/10/03 1.035 Now have remote control of options dialog.
20/10/03 1.035 Remote monitoring of status and graphs.
21/10/03 1.035 Fixed some task scheduling problems. Now all controls on client affect the server. Reduced request packet size.
22/10/03 1.035 Tidied auto restart, now only does if running at shut-down.
23/10/03 1.035 Uproved checks after message pump invoked during socket blocking. New HTML about dialog and upgrade link.
24/10/03 1.035 Fixed installer not setting running directory in shortcut.
11/06/04 1.036 There is now a check box next to the start button. If this is checked the program will behave as though the start button has been pressed shortly after loading. This directs the program to automatically restart and continue logging after a power failure. To make it entirely automatic, one needs to copy a link to the startup folder (all users).

I have also indicated the COM port, or if its in client mode, in the caption bar located at the top of the program window. This assists the user in determining what serial port is associated with a specific program instance.
02/01/06 1.037 Made provision for optional .reg file to generate full command strings for those Z3801A with very early serial numbers.

29/04/06 1.038 Added Passive FTP check box


16/04/07 1.039 Removed rotating icon to eliminate unwanted main window displays. This is important in busy computers.


01/10/07 1.040 Changed ftp sequence when using "uploading of additional files" feature. This is helpful with some remote servers to ensure completion of all files.


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