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Thank you for visiting my Web site. Feel free to add to my guest book!

Name: Jack, ON7CK
Location: Belgium


Excellent site, thanks.


Name: Dan Prebenda, K9DP
Location: Louisville, KY


Excellent site, enjoyed your history....brought back the good old days.

First call here was KN8VOP, Livonia, Michigan, I think, the late fifties. Had a DX 40, xtal controlled, and an Hallicrafters S108 with a Heathkit QMultiplier.

Later became K8VOP but then discovered girls........I am K9DP now, just an old cw operator.

Thanks for the trip back

God Bless and Take Care,

Dan P.

Name: Carlos, YY1CIR
Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela


Excellent site, very original, clean, informative and USEFUL.
Go ahead.

Carlos, YY1CIR Maracaibo, Venezuela FK40EQ


Name: Andreas - DL2VIC
Location: Germany


Hello dear OM Bill,

Thanks for a nice site and usefull information and all is very good arranged. Just want to say that I find your site enough interesting for me. Thanks for your work. I wish you also in the future all property and much fun and DX with the hobby.

Best greetings and success also further here of the German alps as Upper Bavaria (JN67ER - abt. 600 Meters over normally zero).

73 Andreas / DL2VIC

Name: Bob - W4BBN
Location: Birmingham, AL


Great Website!

I am planning on building the 1.8 to 54MHz Low Pass Filter you have designed.

My pair of 8560's presently have the Tennessee Valley Indians on the warpath on 6 meters!

Name: Felix HB9ABX


My best greetings to Westerville OH !


Today, in amateur radio much too little  HOMEBREWING is done.

The modern integrated surface technology makes it nearly impossible to do homebrewing of equipments, as the required laboratory is rarely available to HAMs.
But this is quite different for antennas.
Here, homebrewing should be practiced much more, especially, as we can obtain far better antennas by own construction than many of the commercial ones. And at a much, much lower price !

Good success and best 73s

Felix HB9ABX

Name: Kim OZ5IQ


Hi there,

I am VY glad for your description of the LP filter for 50 MHz. Am VY experienced and proff - but tried to look up for a suitable filter for the 4CX1500B PA.

I have NOT finished the project, but the filter will be used for the double 4CX250B stage until finished. It looks like it suits the 1500W power-level fine.

All the best and VY 73 de OZ5IQ, Kim ( Vy active on six 2 x 9 EL M2 )

Name: Harry Brown


Great info on building amplifiers and why!!

Name: Jeff G6FIO
Location: Solihull United Kingdom


Great website will be visiting often.

Name: K1VOW Jack
Location: Golden Valley, AZ


Thank you for providing this website. I hope to have a Z3801A soon. The information here is just what someone needs to get it up and running. I have spent a lot of time browsing this website this week. 73, Jack

Name: KW4CQ Bob
Location: Reston, VA


This is truly a great effort. Keep up the fine work you are doing for all of us. I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting it often.

Name: KC4KMG Bill


Very interesting site! Well done. Informative!!

Name: DK9UY Fred
Location: Hettenleidelheim /nr Frankfurt


Thanks for the great Website and info on the GS35B HF Tube.

Name: Don Ruokonen
Location: Annapolis, MD USA


Thanks for designing equipment that doesn't require a $1000 amplifier tube and a $500 transformer. Many amateurs would like to run high power aren't millionaires! Keep up the great articles!
Sincerely, Don

Name: Jimmer
Location: League City, Tx USA

Love your workbench. I would love to have just 1/4 of that much space to work on electronics.

Name: AG4FL - Doug
Location: Huntsville, AL USA

Thanks for the great website!

Name: 'Jim' Vin Roberts
Location: stoke-on-trent, staffordshire england

As G3EGY have been 'hamming for a number of years,and since joining the computing fraternity,have found such really good sites such as yours most helpful,as an old fashioned 'home brewer' congrats and many thanks indeed. Good luck, good health, 73 'Jim' Roberts G3EGY

Name: Jose
Location: Zaragoza, Spain

Dear Bill, Mni tks for your page. It helped me a lot, related to GS35B tube and low pass filter Best 73. Greetings from Spain

Name: C. J. Robinson, K0CJ

Thanks for all the info on the Z3801A. It helped me quite a bit in getting mine up. On the suggestion of another local ham I connected the serial port directly to my PC with no level conversion or any other interface between it and the normal "RS-232" connector on the PC. It works just fine. Any thing wrong in this?

Name:Richard Allen, W5SXD
Location: Sugar Land, TX USA

You have a super site here! It really made the start-up of my z8301 receiver a snap.

Name: Jerry Webster
Location: Tacoma, WA Pierce

Hello my friend your site is the most knowledgeable I've seen. I just paid for a hard drive computer crash. Thanks. 73. Jerry K7ENP

Name:Bernie Gapinski
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

I'm in the process of setting up a new computer and your article on backups comes just right ! Thanks a lot. Great Web site ! 73, Bernie, dk3xt/ab7iy

Name:Charles Osborne K4CSO
Location: Rosman, NC USA

Thanks for all the great info you're bringing together. I have a Z3816 that won't sweep to find lock which gives an EFC-err. I suspect, with all the Z3801 and Z3816 info you're getting, that the answer will be hiding in there somewhere once I digest it all. Nice QEX article too. 73.

Name: Paul Mason - WA6EUZ
Location: Richmond, Ca., Ca. USA


Bill: Enjoying article on Log antennas...ah!, to have a big lot some day! Good work.


Name:Ed Pienkowski
Location: Elburn, IL USA


Thank you for the information on the Z3801A. I think that it will be a big help in getting mine running.


Name: Art
Location: Boca Raton, FL USA

Great site! I voted for your low pass filter article in November's QST. Nice!

Name: Sante
Location: Mareno di Piave, Italy

Hello , your site is very interesting . Congratulation Sante Gava IZ 3 CIX

Name:Juan Rivera
Location: San Jose, Calif. USA

Great site! I got so excited I ordered a Z3801A, a 48-volt power supply from jameco, and the GPScon software. My plans are to sync my test equipment to the GPS and perhaps find a way to also drive my kenwood TS-2000. If anyone has looked into that I'd appreciate an email. 73 - Juan - WA6HTP

Name: Gary Hildebrand WA7KKP
Location: St. Joseph,, MO USA

Nice to see a REAL Ham Radio site, where REAL hams still build rather than recite Yaesu, Kenwood & Icom model numbers in conjunction with their Visa card numbers. HI HI You have a good start here, keep up the good work. My OM W7YZQ got me interested in home-brew, and I still like busting my knuckles with hole punches, etc. designing my own goodies. Gary Hildebrand WA7KKP

Name: Ernest "Skip" Swenson
Location: Saunderstown, RI USA

Nice Job Bill! Enjoy the site - some useful info and links. Will certainly bookmark this site. Thanks for your efforts!

Name: Len D'Airo, K2CDS
Location: Bellaire, Ohio USA

Great Ham Radio Web site! Plenty of info. Will be a frequent visitor.

Location: Porto Alegre, RS Brasil

73 all fb hp from P Y 3 F B I

Name:ON5ZO Franki
Location: Hofstade, OV Belgium

I ended up on your site after reading your QST article (log periodic array). Great looking site with some other good projects. Hope to find some more construction articles in the near future. Good luck es DX! 73 de Franki ON5ZO

Name: Joseph S Hatvany
Location: Arlington, WA USA


I very much enjoyed your Web site Very informative and educational in nature.

Thank You

Name: Eldred M. Smith W6EQJ
Location: San Diego, CA

Enjoyed the article on the log periodic antenna.

Name: bill bastian
Location: warrens, wi USA

thanks for all the help with the Z3801-mine is showing holdover around 1.6-2 microseconds/24 hours. and measuring timing errors in the 15 nanosecond or less area. tracking minumum of 6 satellites and 2 on standby at all times. i would be very interested in finding a way to put the stats on the internet, so put me on your mailing list for the new monitoring software. i have been comparing it with WWVB using a HP-117A receiver-comparator. i am 730 miles from WWVB, which is in a sky wave-ground wave interference zone, so summer is a difficult time to compare. but winter is usually quite stable. will continue working on that. when the signal from WWVB is good, clean, without propagation disturbances or thunderstorms, it is very accurate for frequency comparison. i am using a prescaler divide by 100 chip to bring the 10 MHZ to 100 kHz to do the comparison, and previous exprience leads me to believe the prescaler is accurate. using the cone-shaped Motorola antenna designed for this application, and signal strengths are usually above 100 to 250 or so or even higher. thanks again for all the info. bill

Name: Tom Cook
Location: Corning, NY


Nice site - lots of good info. This is what Ham Radio is all about - communications & sharing. Tnx

Location: MI USA

Great site Bill...look forward to stopping back and taking a closer look at the project list...very well done site!

Name: Carl J. Verderber
Location: Rinebeck, NY USA

Thanks for allowing me access to your amp information. TNX WA2UJX Carl
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