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International Web Plots

International users are using the optional Web site generation feature of GPSCon Pro software. This is a built in feature of sending Z3801A receiver plots to an Internet server. This makes any GPS receiver performance plot available for all visitors to view. You can compare many other receiver charts with your receiver performance. In many cases, frequent updating of their long term plots is now being made, making these charts nearly real time. However, some may have temporarily suspended active GPS receiver plotting because of maintenance issues.

Please contact me and provide your specific URL If you want to be added to this list.

GPSCon Pro is used in these countries

Spain France Italy San Marino Taiwan South Korea Australia Portugal Germany
Denmark Switzerland Ireland United States Japan Netherlands Sweden Canada England
Belgium Austria Thailand Brazil Greece  Mexico  

Shaun Merrigan (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Z3801A #1 Z3801A #2 Z3801A #3

Isao Saito JA1ICL (Yokohama, Japan) Z3801A Z3816A

Universidad de Colima (Colima, Mexico) Jackson Labs FURY

Sean Neylon, VK2SN (Sydney, Australia) Z3801A

 Graham Baxter G8OAD (Peterborough England)
              Z3801A Datum System 2000 Rubidium   Datum 5045A Cesium

 Steve Smith G8LMX (Nottingham England)   Z3801A

 Bill Jones K8CU (Westerville OH)   Z3801A    Symmetricom UCCM 

 Tom Van Baak (Seattle WA)  Z3801A

 Hidetoshi Komatsu JA0ISK (Nagano Japan) Z3801A

Lars Pettersson SM6RPZ (Gothenburg, Sweden)  Z3801A

Luc Laplante VE2ULU (St-hyacinthe Quebec,Canada)  Z3801A

Doug Parker G4DZU (Wakefield England)  Z3801A

Bruce Richardson, W9FZ (Hillsboro, WI) Z3801A

Clint Turner, KA7OEI (West Jordan, UT)  Z3801A

Teruhiko Hayashi, JA2SVZ (Hachioji Tokyo Japan) Urban Z3801A-1 Z3801A-2

Robert Alkire, AF6J (San Jose, CA) Z3801A

Mitchell Janoff (White Plains, NY) Z3801A  Z3816A  Telechron.com

Adam Moss, G0ORY (Leicester, England) Z3801A

John Beal W8SJV (Delaware, Ohio) Z3801A