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"It's easy to write technical articles that editors, publishers, and readers love. Just stare at a blank piece of paper until blood starts to ooze from your forehead." - adapted from Red Smith.

Bill Jones is a published technical author and electronic designer who believes in turning ideas into reality.

His writing and photography have appeared in nationally recognized magazines including QST, QEX, the ARRRL Antenna Handbook and the reliable and highly respected ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications.

He has been an enthusiastic Radio Amateur since age 17, and he holds multiple FCC licenses; Extra Class Amateur and the commercial GROL license.

He has so much fun operating with Morse code that you won't find him anywhere on other modes.

Bill is a lifelong electronics professional. He devoted 18 years designing hardware and writing firmware for embedded electro-optical controls.

Bill loves to restore and communicate with vintage tube-type radio equipment because real radios glow magically in the dark. Here's a one-minute video of his World War II-era station.

Here's a two-minute video about "going home" or returning to your roots.

He dabbles in the lost art of doing nothing and experiences living in the present moment.

Bill sometimes tries to prove he isn't the world's worst banjo picker and yes, he's an individualist with awesome hair.